Transport Operation Security


Transport planning, transport organization research work for large-scale activity

Undertake the transport planning, transport organization research work for large-scale activity such as Olympic and Winter Olympic Games, Asia Olympic Games, International Horticultural Exposition, and Word Champines. The research work analyzes the transport demand systematically, then develops the transport organization plan and operation plan for all kinds of stakeholders, then make the vehicle finacing plan, etc. Typical achievements include more than 10 Olympic Transport Plans for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, a series of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Transport Plans, Transport Mater Plan for Hangzhou 2022 Asia Olympic Games, and Transport Organizition Plan for 2019 Yanqing Expo, etc.

Analysis and evaluation of urban transport performance

In 2004, we took the lead in establishing a transport information collection system based on taxi floating car data. Based on this system, we then were the first to propose the  “five-dimensional evaluation system ” with traffic performance index as the core, providing solutions to the problems that traditional traffic parameters fall short in reflecting traffic congestion situations fully and faithfully, and that there are a lack of scientific and unified standards for traffic congestion evaluations. This technical achievement has been applied for 14 years consecutively in Beijing, based on which standard specifications have been formed and introduced to over 10 cities across China. In addition, BTI has established a comprehensive evaluation system for a variety of transportation modes, including ground transportation, rail transit, bicycles, and private vehicles, providing support for scientific decision-making and integrated governance of a modern government.

Building the traffic big data system

By integrating massive, multi-sourced big data resources such as floating car data, public transportation IC card data, integrated traffic survey data, private vehicle travel data, mobile phone signaling data, LBS data, bicycle sharing data, online car-hailing data, checkpoint surveillance data, microwave detector data and geospatial information data, the BTI strives to achieve total traffic factor information acquisition in terms of people, vehicles, roads, geo-space, etc. Through multi-sourced big data fusion analysis and comprehensive applications, BTI has been providing important support for the formulation and implementation of transport policy and transport planning in the integrated development of the Beijing municipality as well as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.