Professor Gu

Tao Gu is the Vice Director and Chairman of the labour union of the Beijing Transport Institute. He also serves as the Director of the Secretariat of The Urban Transportation E-Forum in China, Director of the 1st Council of Beijing Healthy City Construction Promotion Association, and bid evaluation expert in Beijing bid evaluation expert database.

Mr. Guo has been engaged in the research and practice of transportation development strategy and policy for a long time, published more than ten academic papers, presided over the completion of the revision of Beijing transportation development outline, Beijing traffic demand management policy plan, regional traffic control measures during the peak period of motor vehicles, Beijing taxi industry reform plan, Beijing parking fee reform plan, Beijing urban freight management policy and other major projects research.

He was granted the titles such as “Advanced Individuals in Investigation of Scientific and Technological Resources in Beijing”, “Advanced Individual of Beijing Water-saving Work" and "Advanced Worker in Beijing Local Chronicles System”.